Moss Vale footpath repair program up and running

14 December, 2017Posted in: Roads and Assets

Months before the latest Community Satisfaction Results were returned Council’s Landscaping team were already tackling one of our residents’ largest concerns.

“Council places a very high priority on providing safe, durable and attractive footpaths,” said Council’s Manager of Open Space, Recreation and Building Maintenance, Greg Bray.

“So too do our residents who consistently nominate the issue as a key service provision of Council.”

Armed with this information Council began a systematic program of footpath inspections and repairs which began mid-year in Moss Vale.

“We did a walk-through of the main pedestrian access of the town and highlighted all the footpath defects that required attention,” Mr Bray said.

“All of the identified areas were subsequently marked, logged and given a hazard and risk-rating.”

Based on this information Council has been progressing through the list of repairs.

“Some of the repairs are relatively minor and may only require the replacement of a handful of pavers or a pressure clean,” said Mr Bray.  “These are generally handled by our overnight CBD Team who carry out the repairs in the early hours of the morning.”

“Larger or more complex jobs are handled by our dedicated Landscaping Team,” Mr Bray added.  “One such example was the recently completed repairs undertaken outside of the Post Café and Bar on Argyle Street.”

Mr Bray also explained that not all repairs required the intervention of Council crews.

“Some of the jobs relate to service pits owned by utility providers,” he said.  “When this is found to be the case we escalate and coordinate the repairs with the relevant authority.”

Following the ongoing success of the Moss Vale program, Mr Bray said the repair teams would move onto other Shire towns.

“Repairing footpaths and pedestrian paving is a continuous long-term process and once all the Moss Vale jobs have been completed we’ll tackle Bowral’s pathways.”

All up more than 71 defects covering over 380 square metres were identified.

“It’s not a glamourous job but an important task nonetheless and a service Council and our community rightfully place a high importance on.”