Moratorium begins on Water Supply and Sewerage Development charges

29 March, 2018Posted in: Development

A six week moratorium on the payment of increased Water Supply and Sewerage Development Servicing Charges will take effect on Friday 6 April following a majority support from Councillors.

A Notice of Motion supporting the item was passed at Wednesday evening’s Ordinary Meeting of Council.  The decision effectively overturns the previous decision of Council from a fortnight earlier and follows a month-long exhibition period whereby Council sought public comment on the proposed Amendment to the Water Supply and Sewerage Development Servicing Plans.

Council’s Deputy General Manager Corporate Strategy and Development Services, Mark Pepping said the moratorium only applied to contributions levied against development consents approved between 15 September 2012 and 15 September 2017.

“In July last year Council adopted new Development Servicing Plans and contribution rates for water and sewerage services,” he said.

These new rates amounted to $10,752 for Water Supply Developer Charges and $10,424 for Sewerage Charges and came into effect on 15 September 2017.

Council subsequently agreed to re-visit these contribution rates in December last year with the intention of providing a freeze on the new rates.

“It must be stressed that this intended savings provision for Development Servicing Charges only applies to development consents issued prior to 15 September 2017,” said Mr Pepping.

“All development consents issued since will remain subject to the new charges as adopted by Council.”

Consent holders who have already paid the new rates for a development approved prior to 15 September 2017 should contact Council to discuss the possibility of receiving a partial refund.

The six week moratorium on the payment of Water Supply and Sewerage Development Servicing Charges commences on 6 April and ends at close of business at 4.30pm on Friday 18 May 2018.

All affected owners with existing development consents approved between the five year period ending 15 September 2017 will be contacted by Council.

For further information or to discuss the Water Supply and Sewerage Development Servicing Plan Payment calculations for your development, contact Wingecarribee Shire Council on phone 4868 0888.