Meet local Change Maker, Geraldine Dayball

18 May, 2023Posted in: Community
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Picture of Geraldine Dayball

We would like to introduce you to one of the many outstanding volunteers in our community, Geraldine Dayball, who volunteers for the Australian Red Cross Emergency Services. As a Red Cross volunteer, Geraldine has committed her time and energy to supporting those who need it most. She first started volunteering with Red Cross in the late 90s and hasn’t stopped since, now primarily helping the community in evacuation centres, recovery after an Emergency, speaking to any group about Red Cross’ “Rediplan” preparedness and supporting the local Aboriginal community on a weekly basis – and there has been no shortage of ways to support our community!

Whether it’s through providing personal support through psychological first aid assistance in applying for grants or subsidies or resourcing food, linking to services for personal items or shelter – Geraldine is there with others in the Southern Highlands volunteer team to lend a hand.

Geraldine is particularly proud of the Southern Highland Red Cross volunteers’ efforts in providing food to 65 families in need of assistance during the pandemic without one case of COVID-19 transmission.

We are inspired by Geraldine’s passion and dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Her genuine care for people and interest in hearing their stories make her a natural caregiver and someone who truly embodies the spirit of volunteerism. Her selflessness and kindness remind us of the power of human connection. Geraldine notes that finding the thing that drives you will give you meaning in your volunteer work.   The true reward of volunteering lies in the positive change you can create in the world by sharing your time, skills or craft.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the support of a caregiver volunteer like Geraldine, we encourage you to reach out and explore the resources available in our community. And if you’re looking for ways to give back yourself, we invite you to consider volunteering as a caregiver with an organisation like the Australian Red Cross or in any capacity that speaks to your heart.