Mayor expresses concern over breach in confidentiality

14 July, 2016Posted in: Other

Wingecarribee Shire Mayor Larry Whipper has today expressed concern about a breach of confidentiality in relation to Wingecarribee Shire Council’s General Manager, Ann Prendergast.

Details of Ms Prendergast’s recent performance review appear in an article titled ‘Prendergast’s Performance Review’ published in issue 23 of LattéLife Southern Highlands.

“While I understand, support and encourage freedom of press,” the Mayor said. “I am concerned that a fellow Councillor has shared information with the press that has been taken out of context.”

“After speaking with fellow members of the review committee, I have my suspicions about who may be responsible,” said the Mayor. “I am disappointed that this person has implied that their opinion is that that of the entire Council when this is absolutely not the case”.

“Whatever the motivation, the individual who has made these statements has not reflected the view of the majority.”

“I am genuinely disappointed and regretful that a slur has been cast on the General Manager and a senior staff member,” the Mayor added.

“From my assessment and that of the committee, Council is pleased with Ms Prendergast’s performance and have commended her efforts and achievements throughout the 2015/2016 year,” said the Mayor. “It is also very clear to the members of the committee that she enjoys strong support of the Council and staff within the organisation.”

“The General Manager’s performance review covered many factors and it is clear that in the vast majority of measures she has certainly met and in one instance exceeded expectations.”

“The review committee’s comments have been endorsed by Council and state that Councillors are very satisfied with the General Manager’s performance during the review period,” said the Mayor.  “Ms Prendergast conducts her duties with diligence, commitment and integrity.”

“Over the years there have been many breaches of confidentiality, it is unfortunate that these continue and that there is little or no respect shown for the feelings of others,” he added.

Following last night’s Ordinary Meeting of Council, the Mayor presented Ms Prendergast with a formal letter acknowledging her contribution to Wingecarribee Shire Council and the community. This was endorsed by all Councillors.