JRPP gives Moss Vale Aquatic Centre the green light

2 July, 2012Posted in: Development

The NSW Government’s Joint Regional Planning Panels (JRPP) has given Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Land Use Application (LUA) for the Moss Vale Aquatic Centre a deferred commencement approval.

Deferred commencement requires certain pre-conditions to be satisfied before the approval becomes operational and can be acted on.

These include the preparation of a detailed landscaping plan, minor modifications to the eastern car park and provision of amended drawings.

Chairman of the Indoor Aquatic Working Group, Councillor Larry Whipper said the deferred commencement was vindication of the project.

“We’re extremely pleased with the JRPP’s decision and we can now set our sights towards providing the residents of this Shire with a year round covered swimming facility.”

Council is expected to address the deferred commencement requirements within the fortnight with initial construction activities expected to begin on the Moss Vale site by the end of the month.