Harness solar energy with the revolutionary SunSPOT Solar and Battery Calculator

9 June, 2023Posted in: Other
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House with SunSPOT tech pictured on roof

Thinking about switching to solar energy for your home or business? SunSPOT is an easy and convenient way to explore your options and potential savings and we invite you to learn about how by joining a free webinar on June 13th, put together by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in partnership with the Australian PV Institute (APVI).

Wingecarribee Shire Council has collaborated with WinZero to put the cutting-edge SunSPOT solar and battery calculator tool at the fingertips of local residents. In a matter of minutes, you can access personalised information about the benefits and savings you stand to gain by going solar.

Whether you’re a homeowner needing to stretch your household budget, a local business owner looking to take control of your energy bills, or you’re simply passionate about harnessing the power of renewable energy, this 1-hour, 15 min session is for you.

Take the opportunity to be part of this interactive webinar which will guide you through a practical demonstration of the features of SunSPOT. Learn how to navigate the calculator function and input your specific information to obtain a precise estimate of the potential solar savings you stand to make. Explore the many benefits of installing solar panels and the viability of a battery system to meet your energy needs.

The session is led by esteemed researchers from UNSW who will share their expert tips to enhance your understanding of solar energy.

“Council has worked closely with WinZero to make this valuable, free service available to our community, in line with our commitment to sustainability and renewable energy solutions for the future of our Shire,” says Derek White, Secretary of WinZero

Don’t miss this opportunity to make an informed start to exploring the advantages of solar energy for your situation. Book now: Sunspot Webinar

If you’d like further insights or assistance, the dedicated team at Wingecarribee Shire Council is available to support individuals on their journey toward a sustainable and cost-effective energy future. Email us at sustainabilityservices@wsc.nsw.gov.au.