Green Army team to target Wingecarribee River weeds

12 August, 2015Posted in: Environment
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The Wingecarribee region will benefit from a local Green Army project in the coming month with Council partnering with Campbell Page to deliver a project targeting environmental weeds along the banks of the Wingecarribee River.

As part of the Upper Wingecarribee River Rehabilitation Project, Green Army participants will focus their attention on rehabilitating 1.3 kilometres of the Wingecarribee River downstream of Moss Vale Road along the Bong Bong Common.

Their primary focus will be on protecting and enhancing the native riparian vegetation along both sides of the river.

Initial tasks to be tackled will include controlling invasive woody weeds such as Willows and Blackberry and under planting native species designed to enhance the habitat for small native birds.

Endangered Eucalyptus macarthurii trees will also be planted as part of the conservation works.

With support from the Willow Warriors group, the Green Army team will also work from inflatable watercraft to cut and poison Willow and Blackberry clumps growing along the edge of the river. This work will help to eliminate the risk of log jams that form after flood events.

All woody weeds removed will subsequently be chipped into mulch.

Stage 1 of the environmental rehabilitation project will commence in mid-September and run through to February next year.

Apart from enhancing the immediate environment, local Green Army participants will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and skills in plant propagation as a result of working in the Wingecarribee Community Nursery.  Members will propagate approximately 6,000 plants at the nursery and on maturity will re-plant the specimens along the riverbanks in a follow-up program next year.

The Green Army Programme is an Australian Government initiative that taps into local knowledge to meet regional specific environmental challenges.  Green Army is considered a great opportunity for young Australians aged 17 to 24 years wishing to gain training and experience in the areas of environmental protection and conservation.

For more information about the Green Army’s upcoming Upper Wingecarribee River Rehabilitation Project, email: