Frensham girls really dig Centennial Park!

21 December, 2012Posted in: Environment

Mention snails, slugs, bugs or creepy crawlies to a group of teenage girls, and you might expect to hear a lot of very high-pitched squeals. But recent revegetation works at Centennial Park in Bowral have shown that students from Frensham have absolutely no fear when it comes to getting their hands dirty!

The recent plantings in Centennial Park involved over 200 students, and took place over three days, with students planting in excess of a 1000 native trees, shrubs and groundcovers along the creek line and boggy areas of the park.

Revegetation of the park began in late October with a highly successful Tree Planting Day, where more than 50 willing community volunteers planted 800 natives.

The plantings are part of a major revegetation program that Wingecarribee Council and local community groups have undertaken along the creek line in the park over the past year. Restoring the park back to health has required extensive coordination, with invasive weeds such as Privet, Ivy and White Poplars requiring removal before the planned program of revegetation could begin.

The subsequent work by Frensham students has contributed significantly towards the ongoing effort of the community to remove weed infestations in the park and return the creek back to its former glory.

There are many bushcare groups throughout the Shire and new volunteers are always welcome. For more information on Bushcare, contact Council on 4868 0888 or email Paul Marshall at