Exeter Oval trees to be replaced

16 November, 2016Posted in: Environment

A small stand of Radiata pines are set to be replaced at Exeter Oval following an onsite inspection revealing serious fault in the trees.

The decision to remove the seven mature Radiata pines (Pinus radiata) located on the south eastern perimeter of Exeter Oval follows the most recent collapse of large branches from the stand of trees.

“Sadly the old pines are nearing the end of their lives and they’re now showing more obvious and dangerous signs of failure,” said Council’s Coordinator of Open Spaces Greg Bray.

In addition to the most recent collapse, the trees are also showing major structural damage as a result of age, weight, lightning strike and fungal rot.

“Specialist Tree Management Officers have subsequently concluded that the trees will only continue to deteriorate to the point of complete failure,” Mr Bray said.

“If left to continue they will pose a progressively greater risk to park users, pedestrians and motorists.”

Exeter Oval is enjoyed by many patrons including children, community and sporting groups.

Pruning the trees had also been contemplated.

“Unfortunately the sheer size and age of the trees rules out pruning as a safe option,” Mr Bray added.

“The officers determined that pruning would only accelerate their deterioration and it was therefore ruled out as a viable long-term option.

“They subsequently decided the safest course of action would be to remove the trees and replace them with a suitable substitute species sympathetic to the oval and village.”

Nearby residents and users of Exeter Oval have been notified of the pending removal.

An Ecologist will be present on site during removal of the trees to ensure any wildlife displaced is relocated.

The removal is scheduled to be complete by the end of November.