Early collection for garbage bins on public holidays

18 December, 2014Posted in: Environment, Other
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WSC waste

Garbage collections will proceed as per normal for residents over the holiday period, albeit a little earlier.

“Workers from Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Resource Recovery Centre will still be collecting rubbish bins on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day,” said Council’s Business Services Coordinator, Scott McAllan.

“However, to allow our staff to enjoy Christmas Day and the other public holidays with their families – and to ensure they don’t miss Saint Nick’s arrival – our drivers will be leaving earlier than normal,” Mr McAllan said.  “We’re therefore asking residents who would normally have their bins collected on these days to ensure their bins are out on their kerbs from 11.00pm the evening before.”

“Collecting the bins earlier also allows our heavy vehicles to be off the streets on what is traditionally the busiest morning of the year,” he said.

Christmas Day collections will start from 2.30am and 3.00am on Boxing Day.

Residents are also reminded that the Resource Recovery Centre also accepts polystyrene packaging free of charge.

Wingecarribee Shire Council’s Resource Recovery Centre will close for the Christmas break from 12 noon on Friday 19 December and again on Christmas and Boxing Day.

Following the half day closure on Friday 19, gates will re-open at 7.00am on Saturday 20 December.

The facility will also be closed New Year’s Day.

  • Friday 19 December                                                –           Closed 12 noon
  • Saturday 20 December                                                 –           Open
  • Sunday 21 December                                                    –           Open
  • Monday 22 December                                                  –           Open
  • Tuesday 23 December                                                  –           Open
  • Wednesday 24 December                                            –           Open
  • Thursday 25 December (Christmas Day)  –           Closed
  • Friday 26 December (Boxing Day)                –           Closed
  • Saturday 27 December                                                 –           Open
  • Sunday 28 December                                                   –           Open
  • Monday 29 December                                                  –           Open
  • Tuesday 30 December                                                  –           Open
  • Wednesday 31 December                                            –           Open
  • Thursday 1 January (New Year’s Day)       –           Closed
  • Friday 2 January                                                           –           Open

The Resource Recovery Centre is located on Berrima Road, Moss Vale.

For further information visit www.wsc.nsw.gov.au or phone 4868 0888.