Crime Rates drop thanks to Goulburn Local Area Command

30 March, 2012Posted in: Community

Crime results released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research have shown that over the last four years, trends in crime across most offence categories have dropped in the Wingecarribee Local Government Area.

This reduction in crime is in part due to the hard work of the Goulburn Local Area Command, who since taking over the Wingecarribee area in December 2007 have worked tirelessly with the community to reduce crime across the area.

Most notably there has been a significant reduction in the following crime categories since October 2006:

  • Liquor offences have reduced by 8.3%
  • Malicious damage has reduced by 5.1%
  • Motor vehicle theft has reduced by 6.3%
  • Trespass offence has reduced by 11.3%

Other crime categories that have remained stable include assault – domestic violence related, assault non-domestic violence related, break and enter for dwelling and non-dwelling, fraud, offence conduct, steal from dwelling, steal from motor vehicle and steal from retail store. Detection figures relating to the possession of and /or use of cannabis have increased by 29.5% and transport regulatory offences also recorded strong improvements up by 29.4%. In both these crime categories police have acted proactively in identifying persons offending in these areas with the noted increase in detections for both these categories.

“So much of what we have achieved in the past 12 months has been about being more visible and confronting criminals, louts and hoons in public space,” Superintendent Worboys said.

“It’s our job to exercise firm and fair policing and this is evident by some of the results we’re now witnessing in the area.”

The Goulburn Local Area Command has allocated a number of resources to aid in reducing the supply and possession of drugs. Covert operations and high visibility policing of known criminals and their haunts have been successful strategies used in the Highlands. In the last 14 days the Goulburn Local Area Command’s newly revamped drug team has executed two search warrants in the Highlands which have resulted in the seizure of illicit drugs, stolen property and other items associated with criminal enterprises. Two men remain in custody as a result of these warrants.

“I am very proud of the work our police are carrying out in the Wingecarribee Shire. Make no mistake, we know that people expect a lot of us and we are only too happy to rise to that challenge. If by what we do we can have one less home broken into, one less car stolen or one less person run into by a drunk driver then we have achieved a good result.

“There is plenty yet to be done and we invite residents to play their part. Ring up, write a letter, or use our police web site to dob in criminals and provide us with information,” Superintendent Worboys said.

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