Council’s Community Satisfaction survey results in

4 February, 2013Posted in: Other

The results are in from Council’s most recent community satisfaction survey and whilst the findings are generally upbeat, General Manager Jason Gordon has called for further improvements.

“In all the respondents gave Council a generally positive rating in 28 of 39 categories,” he said. “In these categories Council rated ‘moderate’ to ‘high’.”

“However, when considering our overall performance across all categories, respondents graded us with a ‘moderate’ level of satisfaction on our report card.

“Ideally we’d like to see top marks in all areas and we’ll be re-committing ourselves to improving performance across all fields in the coming months,” Mr Gordon said.

The community satisfaction survey was undertaken in late July and early August 2012 by independent consultants, Micromex Research. 400 residents were randomly interviewed by phone on a range of council services, facilities and criteria.

31 per cent of respondents identified roads as a top priority, followed by 15 per cent nominating development, 12 per cent community services and facilities and 9 per cent nominating the economy as key areas of focus.

Other findings from the 2012 survey included greater community involvement in decision-making and opportunities to be involved in Council projects.

“Whilst the results are encouraging, there is still much work to done,” Mr Gordon added.

“As a start, we’ll be taking the findings from this survey and incorporating them into our 2013-2017 Delivery Program,” Mr Gordon said. “This program sets our schedule of works, operating plans, budgets, goals and direction for the next four years.3

Results of the survey can be found at:

The community satisfaction survey is undertaken every two years.