Council’s 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey results

18 December, 2019Posted in: Community
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The results are in from Council’s 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey and while the report contained some positive results, General Manager Ann Prendergast has called for further improvements.

“Just over three quarters of all residents surveyed were somewhat satisfied with the overall performance of Council over the last year,” she said.

“While this statistic is encouraging we’d prefer to achieve a greater level of satisfaction amongst a broader cross-section of our residents.”

Stand out areas included the reliability of water supply across the Shire’s towns, provision of sewerage services, library amenities and the collection of domestic garbage and green waste.

Areas deemed the most in need of attention included the availability of car parking, the management of development and growth and improving the condition of local roads and footpaths.

Ms Prendergast said the feedback from the Customer Satisfaction Survey would be used to prioritise future decision-making choices.

“We’re already tackling some of the lower ranked criteria with the construction of a dedicated car park in Wattle Lane in Bowral and the finalisation of our Wingecarribee Local Housing Strategy to help better regulate future residential land releases,” she said.

“We’ve also just resealed 95 kilometres of roads across the Shire, completed the northern section of the Kirkham Road Reconstruction Project and adopted the Wingecarribee Shire Road Maintenance Policy to better prioritise and schedule road maintenance activities.”

The General Manager reiterated that the Customer Satisfaction Survey was one tool used by Council to track progress and review opportunities to improve Services.

“Another way in which Council is looking to improve customer satisfaction is by reviewing the way in which we interact with our customers,” she said.

“This is one of the key drivers of our recently introduced Business Transformation Program which involves improving in-house processes, technology and services.

“So while some of the results are encouraging, we realise there’s still much work to done.”

“Ideally we’d like to see top marks in all areas,” she said.  “But we’ll use these results to re-commit ourselves to improving performance across all fields.”

The 2019 Wingecarribee Shire Customer Satisfaction Survey was undertaken in July by independent consultants, Micromex Research, with over 400 Shire residents being randomly interviewed by phone on a range of Council services, facilities and criteria.  Council undertakes community satisfaction surveys every two years.

Results of the current and previous surveys can be found at: