Council to undertake smoke testing of sewers

31 May, 2017Posted in: Roads and Assets
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Wingecarribee Shire Council is set to begin a smoke-testing program across Moss Vale, Berrima and East Bowral over the coming months.

The program involves Council’s contractor pumping an odourless smoke or dense mist into the sewerage system to detect faults and illegal connections.

“Smoke testing is a common maintenance technique we use to identify potential problems in our sewerage system,” said Council’s Operations Project Engineer Pranayan Giri.

“It helps us locate cracks, leaks, illegal connections and aids in minimising the amount of infiltration entering the sewerage system.”

Infiltration is where water enters sewer pipes through cracks, breaks and other defects.  These cracks and breaks may occur as a result of ground movement, faulty joints or even tree roots in search of water.

By keeping infiltration flow at a low level it reduces pressure on the sewerage network and wastewater treatment plants.  High infiltration flows are particularly evident in times of high rainfall.

Illegal connections may include low-lying gully traps and unapproved downpipe connections.

Specialist contractor Interflow Pty Ltd will carry out the smoke testing on behalf of Council.  Should the contractor require entry into a property, letters will be issued to the homeowner prior.  Contractors will also carry identification at all times.  No entry will be required into houses and residents do not need to be home when the tests are undertaken.

“These smoke tests are quick, safe, odourless and non-toxic,” said Mr Giri.

“We remind residents who may see any smoke escaping from roof gutters, downpipes or drains that there is no need for alarm.”

Testing will begin across multiple site in Moss Vale, Berrima and East Bowral from the start of June and is expected to be completed by early August 2017.

For more information contact Council’s Customer Service Team on phone 4868 0888.