Council to undertake sewer inspection program

6 February, 2018Posted in: Roads and Assets
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Wingecarribee Shire Council will this month begin a comprehensive sewer inspection program across Berrima, Moss Vale and New Berrima.

The program involves Council’s contractor accessing the sewer via manholes, cleaning the pipes and undertaking inspections using closed circuit television (CCTV) equipment.

Council’s Modelling and Systems Engineer Tim Bell said the project aims to improve the overall performance of Council’s sewerage network by reducing inflow and infiltration of stormwater during heavy rainfall.

Infiltration occurs when stormwater enters sewer pipes through cracks, breaks and other defects.  These cracks and breaks may occur as a result of ground movement, faulty joints or even tree roots in search of water.

“It’s important to understand that no sewerage system is entirely storm proof,” said Mr Bell.  “When rainfall is heavy enough there is additional hydraulic load placed on the system.”

“By identifying sources of stormwater infiltration and rectifying these defects, we can ensure our system remains reliable.”

Specialist contractor Environmental Services Group will carry out the inspections on behalf of Council and will carry identification at all times. There may be some noise associated with these activities however every effort will be made to minimise the effect of noise on nearby residents and others.

Manholes may be located in roads, footpaths, driveways, nature strips and on private property.

Residents will be notified prior to works being carried out on or near their property.  No entry will be required into houses and residents do not need to be home when the work is undertaken.

“We’d like to thank our residents in advance for their cooperation and patience,” Mr Bell concluded.

Works will begin from the start of February and will be carried out between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Works are expected to be completed by late June 2018.

For more information contact Council’s Modelling and Systems Engineer on phone 4868 0888.