Council to roll out Organisational Service Review

10 February, 2016Posted in: Other
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In a move designed to further improve in-house efficiencies, Wingecarribee Shire Council has tonight unanimously voted to implement an Organisational Services Review.

“This Review is a direct result of Council’s Fit for the Future Improvement Proposal,” said Council’s General Manager Ann Prendergast.

“Last year the NSW State Government found that we were fit to continue as a standalone council based on the measures outlined in Council’s Improvement Proposal,” she said.  “However it’s now up to us to implement the strategies outlined in our Fit for the Future proposal to ensure we meet the Government’s outstanding benchmarks by 2020.”

“And one of our key improvement strategies was to undertake a comprehensive service review program to ensure that we continue to deliver services to our community in the most efficient and effective manner.”

Under the proposal Council will undertake a three-phase continuous improvement review that will concentrate on identification of duplication of services, tailoring services to specific community groups and implementing a priority implementation plan.

“A common theme repeated during our public Special Rate Variation talks was that if the community was going to pay above the rate peg amount, Council should also look at additional in-house efficiencies,” Ms Prendergast added.

“We’ve listened to these concerns and this Organisational Service Review proposal put forward and subsequently endorsed by councillors tonight is further evidence that this Review is another step in the right direction.”

The Organsational Services Review is expected to positively impact Council’s organisational efficiencies and have a similar positive impact on Council’s Operating performance benchmarks.

“One real benefit we expect from this review is that it will help provide guidance and greater clarity for Council when key decisions need to be made in relation to value for money and where service duplication exists within the community,” Ms Prendergast added.

The three-phase continuous review is expected to be rolled out immediately.