Council to host ‘Just Eat It’ at Bowral Library

22 July, 2016Posted in: Environment, Events
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To celebrate the end of the Plastic Free July Challenge, Wingecarribee Shire Council is inviting residents to a free screening of the environmental documentary ‘Just Eat It’.

Council’s Waste Education Officer Esther Landells explained the concept of the month-long challenge.

“The idea behind the Plastic Free July Challenge is really quite simple,” Ms Landells said.  “The Challenge encourages participants to minimise or not use any single-use plastics for a whole month.”

Single-use plastic is anything that is intended to be used just once before being thrown away.  Plastic bags, containers, cups and straws are amongst the largest single-use plastic items.

“If giving up all single-use plastic sounds a bit daunting, just try reducing the amount or the use of these “big four” single-use plastic items,” Ms Landells said.  “Or why not try going without for just one day?”

“There are lots of ways we can all make small changes to our daily habits which can have a huge impact on the amount of single-use plastics we discard,” Ms Landells added.

Tips to help reduce single-use plastics include cooking from scratch using whole foods, purchasing in bulk, bringing your re-usable shopping bag from home and making use of your re-usable water bottles and coffee cups.

As further incentive, Council is running a Facebook competition to promote the challenge and creative re-use or non-use of disposable plastics.

“Write or send an image through of how you’re avoiding, reducing, recycling or re-purposing soft plastics in your home or business,” Ms Landells said.  “The most creative example will win one of two re-useable drink bottles, travel mugs and shopping bag sets.”

Further details of the competition can be found on Council’s Facebook page.

A free screening of the documentary ‘Just Eat It’, which focuses on food waste and food rescue, will be shown at the end of the challenge on Saturday 30 July from 10.45am in the Henriettta Rose Room at Bowral Library.

Following the screening attendees can enjoy a free hot soup and chat with waste and recycling experts and discuss alternatives to single-use plastics.

RSVP’s for the film are essential.  To register your attendance email or phone 4868 0811.

To learn more about the Plastic Free July Challenge including ideas and tips visit