Council supports NSW Motorcycle Awareness Month

13 October, 2017Posted in: Events, Roads and Assets

Wingecarribee Shire Council is supporting Motorcycle Awareness Month and urging both drivers and riders to look out for each other on the road as we work together to bring our road toll Towards Zero.

“As the name suggests Motorcycle Awareness Month is a road safety initiative designed to promote awareness of motorcyclists on our roads,” said Council’s Road Safety Officer Melanie Lausz.

“The month-long campaign helps remind us to share the road and be alert for two-wheeled users.”

In particular the campaign aims to reduce the number of injuries sustained by motorcyclists each year.

“Even though motorcycle riders only represent four per cent of all motor vehicle registrations in NSW, they account for 12 per cent of all road injuries and almost a quarter of all fatalities,” Ms Lausz said.

Transport for NSW crash data states that between 2012 and 2016, 25 per cent of motorcycle casualty crashes in the Wingecarribee Shire happened on a curve and nearly one-third involved speed.

“This campaign is all about reducing these statistics and educating both motor vehicle users and riders.”

“We all have a responsibility to work together to improve the conditions for motorbike riders and reduce the number of crashes occurring across our region,” Ms Lausz added.

“Motorcyclists are everyday people whose deaths will never be forgotten by their family and friends,” added Ms Lausz. “They deserve the same respect as any other road user.”

Drivers are encouraged to check blind spots for motorcyclists when merging or changing lanes and motorcyclists should rate the risks, prepare for hazards and ride to live.

NSW Motorcycle Awareness Month is an initiative of the Motorcycle Council of NSW supported by Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Service and Service NSW Mittagong.

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