Council responds to EPA odour action

23 June, 2021Posted in: Environment
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Wingecarribee Shire Council has commended the NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for intervening in an ongoing odour issue emanating from the Bowral Waste Centre.

Council’s Interim Deputy General Manager Marissa Racomelara said Council has received numerous complaints about the smell from the facility.

“We’ve heard the concerns of nearby residents and we’re well aware of the history of the issue,” she said.

“Since receiving these complaints Council has been working closely with the EPA to resolve the issue.

“Residents are rightfully concerned about the impact on the amenity of the area and potential health implications.”

Ms Racomelara said the waste centre was a privately-operated facility licensed and regulated by the EPA.

“The Bowral Waste Centre is not run by Council nor is the odour a product of the Bowral Sewage Treatment Plant,” she stressed.

Following an onsite inspect by EPA officers the Bowral Waste Centre Pty Ltd has been fined $15,000 for alleged poor landfill management practices, likely to have contributed to offensive odours.

During the inspection EPA officers observed a large area of uncovered waste at the south western corner of the landfill and identified other practices onsite likely to have generated odours.

“I wish to reassure residents that Council will continue to work with the EPA to ensure the issue is fully resolved and the proper amenity restored,” Ms Racomelara said.

Residents who continue to experience odours are encouraged to make a report to the EPA’s 24-hour Environment Line on 131 555.

Ms Racomelara said Council would also continue to patrol and monitor the area.

“As we continue to follow the situation, I would remind all operators and residents using the facility to take an extra moment to ensure their loads are properly secured to safeguard their waste enroute to the centre.”