Council installs potentially life-saving defibrillators

26 March, 2012Posted in: Community

Wingecarribee Shire Council has installed 12 defibrillators to potentially save lives in the instance of a cardiac emergency.

The Automatic External Defibrillator Units (AED’s) were purchased from the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and have been installed in 12 of Council’s public facilities including locations in Moss Vale, Mittagong, Bowral and Bundanoon.

Council’s Health and Safety Coordinator, Dianne Haydon explained the purchase of the portable defibrillators.

“Sudden Cardiac Arrest, as the name implies, can occur without warning,” she said.

“These defibrillator units have the ability to provide rapid life-saving response to victims of cardiac arrest whilst waiting for ambulance assistance.

“The automated defibrillators have in-built computer chips which are able read heart rhythms and the ‘shock’ level delivered by the units is subsequently calculated by the machine,” Ms Haydon said.

Whilst Council’s First-Aid Officers will be trained in the use of the AED’s, the units operate with step-by-step visual and voice prompts which means they can be operated by persons with no prior First-Aid training.

“The units have been spread right around Council’s entire area of operations where staff and visitors frequent including our Moss Vale Civic Centre, libraries and swimming pools.

“We encourage all Highland’s based businesses to investigate installing these defibrillators on their premises or educating their staff as to the location of a nearby device,” Ms Haydon said.

“Whilst we hope we never have need to use the defibrillators, it’s reassuring to know these potential life-saving devices are close at hand.”

Council reminds residents to contact 000 for life threatening emergencies.