Council cracks down on illegal car sellers on Moss Vale Rd

15 July, 2015Posted in: Roads and Assets
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Owners looking to sell their cars by the side of Moss Vale Road in Bowral are being warned they could be issued with an infringement notice following a recent resolution from Council.

The move to crack down on the car sales follows a decision from Councillors which recommended that Council take immediate steps to prohibit the practice.

“The area just south of the Kangaloon Road roundabout in Bowral has become increasingly popular with owners looking to sell their vehicles,” said Council’s Senior Ranger Troy McGlynn.  “We’ve witnessed the numbers grow substantially over the past few years.”

At the 24 June Council Meeting, Councillors agreed to erect temporary signage in the area until a Shire-wide strategy is formulated.

The move follows a similar motion endorsed in November last year where Councillors voted to ban the practice along the Old Hume Highway in Braemar.

“The area where the cars are typically being advertised is far from ideal,” Mr McGlynn said.  “It sits on a busy thoroughfare wedged between a bus stop and a No Stopping Zone.”

“Apart from being unsightly we’ve also received a lot of feedback from residents concerned about the safety hazard that this poses.”

Signs will be erected from Monday 13 July 2015 along Moss Vale Road warning sellers of the offence.

“Rangers will attempt to contact the car owners via the details displayed on the vehicles to caution them and ask them to move their vehicles,” Mr McGlynn added.

“However we can’t continue to do this and whilst we don’t like to do it, should vehicles continue to remain standing illegally in the area, Council Officers will be forced to serve penalty notices.

“The last thing we want to see is someone getting seriously injured – or worse – as they try to cross the road to inspect a car.”