Council cracks down on illegal car sellers at Braemar

7 November, 2014Posted in: Roads and Assets
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Owners looking to see their cars by the side of the Old Hume Highway at Braemar are being warned they could be issued with an infringement notice following a resolution from Council.

The move to crack down on the car sales follows a decision from Councillors which recommended that Council take immediate steps to prohibit the practice.

“There’s no doubt the area on the Old Hume Highway outside of Nattai Ponds at Braemar has become increasingly popular with owners looking to sell their vehicles,” said Council’s Senior Ranger Troy McGlynn.  “We’ve witnessed the numbers grow dramatically over the past few years.”

At the 13 August Council Meeting, Councillors argued that apart from being illegal, the practice was also dangerous as drivers were slowing to view the vehicles and people were attempting to cross the busy highway to inspect them.

“Another common complaint we receive is that it’s also unsightly as the site is located at the northern entrance to the Shire,” Mr McGlynn said.

Signs have this week been erected along the verge of the Old Hume Highway warning sellers of the offence.

“We’ve done our best to contact the owners of existing vehicles currently located on the site and have left caution notices on unattended cars,” Mr McGlynn added.

“However we can’t continue to do this and whilst we don’t like to do it, should vehicles continue to remain standing illegally outside of the area, we may be forced to serve penalty notices.

“The last thing we want to see is someone getting seriously injured – or worse – as they try to cross the road to inspect a car.”