Council commits to Ellsmore Road

29 October, 2014Posted in: Roads and Assets
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Wingecarribee Shire Mayor Councillor Duncan Gair has today announced expedited plans to remediate Ellsmore Road in Bundanoon by the year’s end.

“There’s no doubt that Ellsmore Road in Bundanoon has been in need of repair for some time,” Councillor Gair said.  “And the state of the road has further deteriorated since heavy rain lashed the area in August.”

“Even though it’s not the primary access route between Bundanoon and Exeter, the decision to prioritise the road’s repair was made after staff and management inspected the site first-hand,” the Mayor said.

The first stage of remediation will involve a basic re-shaping of the road and filling of any major potholes around the Morgan’s Road end of the road.  These preliminary repairs will be carried out in time for motorists to use the road in time for next weekend’s Highland Fling bicycle ride.

“Stage two is however the more involved and costly part of the proposed works,” Councillor Gair added.

The second component of the road’s refurbishment will involve a re-forming and re-shaping of the road.  Drainage pipes will be either improved or in some places completely replaced.  The final component of the works will involve a complete re-sheeting along the entire threekilometre length of the rural road.

Weather permitting this stage of the repairs is expected to begin in the second week of November with the entire project expected to take approximately eight weeks to complete.

“The second stage of the works will unfortunately be the most disruptive,” Councillor Gair added.

“Council apologises in advance for any delays that motorists may experience but believe this short-term pain will be worth the long-term gain that users of the road will experience once the job is complete.

“We expect that once complete these repairs will make the road smoother to drive, more durable and most importantly safer for motorists.”

Over $270,000 has been allocated to the combined two-stage refurbishments of Ellsmore Road.