Council calls for residents to ‘dob in a dumper’

15 October, 2014Posted in: Environment

Wingecarribee Shire Council is reminding residents to report any illegal dumpings after fining a Mittagong man for illegally dumping waste at Mt Alexandra last month.

Senior Ranger Troy McGlynn said the offender was identified after Council received a tip-off from a local community group.

“It was as a result of the group’s information that we were able to identify the man and issue him with a penalty and clean-up notice,” McGlynn said.

“A lot of people see illegal dumping as a faceless crime but this incident proves that if we’re supplied with accurate information we can often achieve a positive outcome and help protect the environment,” Mr McGlynn said.

“In this case, the offender was charged for two separate illegal dumping incidents.”

As a result of the investigation the offender has been issued with a $2000 penalty notice and $680 in clean-up costs.

“Apart from being an eyesore and dangerous, people often forget that the rest of the community are forced to bear the brunt of the clean-up costs.

“For these reasons we’re encouraging residents that may have information regarding illegal dumpers to give us a call,” Mr McGlynn added.

“The more information the better,” he said.  “Details such as the street location, date and time of the incident will all assist in helping us obtain a prosecution.”

“If details including car registration can be safely obtained, this can also help,” Mr McGlynn added.

New on-the-spot fines for individuals range from $2000 to $8000 for corporations.  Waste that has the potential to cause deliberate harm to the environment can attract fines up to $1,000,000 for individuals and/or 7 years imprisonment and up to $5,000,000 for corporations.

“These fines just don’t justify trying to save a few dollars or because it’s more convenient than doing the right thing and discarding your waste at the Resource Recovery Centre.”

If you know of an illegal dump site or see someone dumping rubbish, contact Council’s Rangers on (02) 4868 0888 anytime day or night.

For more information on reporting incidents of illegal waste dumping phone the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on phone 131 555 or visit the website at