Council calls for a Fatality Free Friday

18 May, 2016Posted in: Roads and Assets
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Wingecarribee Shire’s motorists are being urged to reflect on their driving habits next Friday 27 May as part of the national road safety campaign Fatality Free Friday.

Fatality Free Friday is Australia’s largest community-based road safety campaign.

Council’s Road Safety Officer Melanie Lausz explained the concept of the campaign.

“The aim of Fatality Free Friday is to encourage drivers to think consciously about their actions every time they get behind the wheel in an effort to help reduce our country’s road toll,” she said.

According to the Australian Road Safety Foundation, just one Fatality Free Friday would equate to more than five lives saved across the nation and countless families and loved ones spared the consequences.

“We’re asking drivers to take a pledge in which they promise to drive safely,” Ms Lausz said.

“Some simple tips include making sure you’re always fit to drive, staying focussed on the road ahead, keeping a safe distance and driving to the conditions.”

Ms Lausz said although the event targeted a single day, the campaign aims for long-term benefits through raised safety awareness, considerate road use and changed driver behaviour.

“Ultimately, one death is too many, so we’re asking everyone to take that little bit of extra care,” she said.  “Not just on Friday 27 May, but every single day.”

As part of the campaign drivers can make their pledge public by signing the Fatality Free Friday inflatable car which will be ‘parked’ inside Highlands Market Place on Thursday 19 May.

To take the Fatality Free Friday pledge and view more safe driving tips visit

“The idea behind Fatality Free Friday is simple,” Ms Lausz added.  “Let’s ensure not a single life is lost on Australian roads for just one day.”