Air quality surrounding Vandenbergh, Yeola, Fountaindale and Lees Roads given the all clear

8 August, 2012Posted in: Environment, Roads and Assets
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Asbestos consultants have given the air quality surrounding the roads on the outskirts of Robertson found to contain an unknown amount of asbestos the all clear.

Test results taken this week from Yeola, Vandenbergh, Fountaindale and Lees Roads reported air monitoring results for the locations were below the lowest detectable level of 0.01 fibres/ml of air.

Multiple tests were carried out at the four locations where initial results last week recorded positive readings for an unknown amount of asbestos in the unsealed gravel surfaces.

The findings were conducted by independent asbestos monitoring and management consultant Safe Work & Environments.

The airborne testing was carried out in accordance with the Guidance Note on the Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos Fibres [NOHSC:3003 (2005)].

“Whilst these findings are encouraging, Council is committed to working with the relevant authorities to ensure this incident is fully investigated and brought to a close as soon as possible,” said Council’s Deputy General Manager of Operations, Phil Marshall.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Department of Health and WorkCover NSW have all been notified of the results.

In total six kilometres of road is under investigation for an unknown amount of asbestos detected in the road surfaces.

Whilst only Lees Road is a through road, the affected roads remain closed to all but local traffic.

“Council is still investigating the matter, and when further facts are known, will advise the public of the proposed actions to be taken,” Mr Marshall said.

The source of the material, which initial investigations suggest was laid in 2008, is also the subject of ongoing investigations.

Residents living on the identified roads wanting further information are encouraged to contact Council on mobile 0429 997 193 during business hours.