A Roadmap to Progress: Exciting Highlands Projects on the Horizon

8 June, 2023Posted in: Corporate Affairs, Delivering

Red car driving in countryside

Are you ready to see some of our region’s most anticipated projects come to fruition? With the design of Moss Vale bypass, and the inclusion of Richie Park, Casburn Park and Old South Road, the project delivery outcomes outlined in Wingecarribee Shire Council’s 2023/24 draft Operational Plan, showcase a range of community-focused project initiatives for the upcoming year.

WSC Manager Project Delivery, Ned Tripkovic, is excited to see what the completion of these projects will mean for the Highlands community.

“These initiatives aim to enhance connectivity, provide new recreation spaces, and improve transportation infrastructure, ultimately fostering a safer, more convenient and enjoyable environment for everyone in our region,” Mr Tripkovic explained. 

Some of the most anticipated projects are, of course, the local roads projects including the finalisation of the Moss Vale Bypass design and documentation and the completion of the Old South Road Renewal. These projects hold great promise for enhancing transportation efficiency and easing traffic congestion, making our region more accessible and convenient for all.

WSC is committed to the creation and welcoming of vibrant spaces where families and friends can share quality time together, fostering a thriving community. Among the awaited projects are the the design and construction of Richie Park and Casburn Park. These initiatives reflect the passion for enhancing community well-being and nurturing strong connections among citizens.

Residents can also look forward to continued progress on the construction of the new animal shelters and the State Emergency Service (SES) building, ensuring the safety of our beloved animals and facilitating the vital work of our dedicated emergency response teams.

Other significant projects are also in the pipeline including progressing the construction of Bowral Sewer Treatment Plant, finalising the design and documentation for the Moss Vale Sewer Treatment Plant, and commencing construction of Mittagong Sewer Treatment Plant.

The project delivery capital program has allocated budgets for various projects spanning the next four years. These include land development, buildings, bridges, roads, and stormwater drainage, with the aim of enhancing overall infrastructure of the community.


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